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An organisation with a healthy corporate culture, integer personnel and reduced security risks has a great base to be successful. Levent Bedrijfsrecherche supports her clients in identifying circumstances that present risks within their business. We can protect your business and corporate assets from internal and external risks such as fraud, bribery, corruption, theft and misconduct. Our ultimate goal is to reduce your business risks and make your work environment safer!


Do you want to be sure of a healthy and integer corporate culture in which you can trust your employees?


Do you want to act proactively and prevent cases like theft of goods or the misuse of services?


Do you want to save high costs in the future by thinking about the risks that your company runs?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ on one of more of the questions, our knowledge and expertise can help you achieve a safe work environment and future high costs are prevented.

Employment screening

With an employment screening, we provide your company with the necessary information about the integrity of your (future) employees. During an employment screening we investigate whether the information provided by the candidate corresponds with the reality and whether he/she has withheld any relevant information.

There are three different moments for you to screen your employees: prior to hiring, during their employment and when they leave your organisation. However, the most important moment is before you hire them. This is called a pre-employment screening. As a result of this screening, you know who you are about to hire and you don’t get any surprises later on.

What are the results of adding employment screening to your hiring procedure?

First of all, you know exactly who you hire and give access to your origanisation. Therefore, you have employees who you can trust and you can built a future with. This trust will create a healthy corporate culture with employees who work more productively. The quality of your products and services will also increase. And most importantly, you reduce the security risks.

Fraud Investigation

Unfortunately, both internal and external fraud occur at every company. Examples of internal fraud include theft of money or goods, corruption or manipulation of information. A consequence of almost every incident is financial or reputational damage.

Did a (fraud) incident occur or do you have strong suspicions of fraud within your organisation? We can help you with a Fraud Investigation to find out the details and the ones responsible. We will engage two experts (the ‘four eyes’ principle) to look at and investigate your case. After our investigation into the matter, we prepare an investigation report containing all the information found and our conclusions. You can use the report to take legal action, both civil and criminal. Of course we will discuss the outcome of the investigation with you and when necessary we will help you with further actions

Security Risk Management

Security Risk Management is a (continuous) process of identifying the vulnerabilities and security risks in your organisation. This is coupled with implementing appropriate security measures to minimalize those risks to a tolerable level. When doing Security Risk Management you’re acting proactively; you’re not waiting for a security incident to happen!

Our experts have many years of experience in Security Risk Management projects. With their help, you can make your organisation a safe workplace for your employees and increase the safety of your assets. Our experts will identify and analyse the security risks in your organisation. With their broad knowledge of different security measures they are able to advise you on which measures are most suitable for you. We take your corporate culture and practices in consideration and of course that the costs of the security measures are in proportion to the risk.

Why Levent Bedrijfsrecherche

The Levent team has years of experience in the field of investigations. Most researchers have been working as private investigator for years and acquired their experiences with the police. Levent Bedrijfsrecherche distinguishes from private investigation agencies by having a large network of experts with different disciplines, that can be used if the investigation requires it.

 Young Professionals

Additionally, a part of our team consists of Young Professionals. The Young Professionals are given the opportunity to develop themselves and acquire acquire experience in investigations. Together with one of our experts, they will tackle your security problems by joining different projects in the fields of Employment Screening, Fraud Investigations and Security Risk Management.

With the combination of years of experience from our experts, and the fresh eyes and new developments learned by our Young Professionals, we create a unique collaboration of knowledge that we will offer for the safety of your company.

Honest and open

We understand that it is a sensitive matter when you request an investigation, screening or risk management project from us. We will do everything we can to deal with the situation as honestly and subtle as possible. We will assist you throughout the entire process so that you and your company will be better positioned. Therefore it is important that we are open about the activities we carry out. We will ensure that we involve you in the investigation and provide you with the information found. In addition to carrying out the investigation, we gladly support you in the ‘how to proceed?’ question. By means of our multidisciplinary work, we can help you prevent future incidents.


 IKIGAI is a Japanse concept that focusses on having ‘a reason to be’ in life and having a balance in the things that you do. At Levent Bedrijfsrecherche, we have adopted this mindset into our culture. The IKIGAI mindset is about the following:

You do what you love,
What you are good at,
What the world needs,
What you get paid for,
and what you can live on.

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